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A Pivotal Moment Chap 16 (KilixReaderxLegolas)
Y/n didn’t know how long she and the company had been staying in the castle under the mountain. A week? Two? She’d lost track of time in the dim firelight that lit the halls and danced over the soot-covered walls. Y/n had never seen the dragon, but she knew it was gone. She had felt the ground shake and heard its deep rumbling roar the night it had flown away, the night Bilbo had walked down the hallway the group had not dared go down. Ever since that night, the ground had been still; the days and nights were quiet. The company had moved their packs from the narrow hallway by the hidden door, to the front entrance by the grand hall. Y/n was allowed to wander once more. But Y/n saw what the dragon had done to the dwarven palace and did not wander. She stayed huddled with her group of dwarves.
As day and night stretched into one, the mood grew evermore somber. Something was wrong with Thorin. It was impossible to know what, but he’d locked himself away in the great hall
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Forget Her Not (Dean Winchester x Reader)
Dean looked at himself in his fifth glass of whisky, ignoring the rowdy bar around him. The air was smoky and classic rock blasted from old speakers in the back. Dean didn’t look away from the eyes staring back from the glass. They were red and hollow. They didn’t look like his.
Sam had offered to come with him that night but Dean had shaken his head no. Dean’s self-designed punishment was suffering without the comfort of brotherly company. Sam was worried about his older brother; he didn’t do much talking these days. He didn’t do much of anything.
Dean’s life had become a mind-numbing string of bars, shots, and chicks. Tonight was just like any other. Unaware of the gap teeth and faded tattoos that surrounded him, Dean was immersed in bittersweet memories that tormented him endlessly. He was with Y/n.
Their first date was in some small town diner, a relic of classic Americana. A buzz of excitement followed the couple to their booth and innocence dan
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A Pivotal Moment Chap 15 (KilixReaderxLegolas)
Y/n followed the group all night, never gaining but never loosing sight of them. Her arms shook violently and threatened to give out with every push. Dark circles pooled under her eyes and she gripped her poll with a vengeance, in fear it might slip through her fingers.
The sun burst from the horizon just as the company reached the other side of the great lake. They abandoned their boat on the rocky beach and entered the sparse, bolder ridden, forest. Y/n’s boat shored long after the company was out of sight. She hopped out of her dinghy into the shallows. She grabbed her weapon and walked up onto dry land. Y/n dug into her pockets, pulled out her shoes, and slipped them on. She looked down to the ground and spotted the very distinctive tracks of thirteen dwarves and a hobbit. The girl smirked and forced herself into a light jog, carefully tracing their tracks.
Y/n was no tracker; she’d never even tried. In all honesty, Y/n wouldn’t have been able to follow the compan
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Period Problems (Benny Lafitte X Reader)
“Cindy to the register, Cindy to the register.” A voice spoke over the intercom. Y/n paid no attention. She kept her focus on the many rows of tampons in front of her. So many options, not that many differences. Y/n had been planning to go on a vampire hunt with the brothers that evening but now it looked like she would have to stay behind. Fresh blood was like catnip to vampires, they could smell it a mile away.
She grabbed a value pack and threw it into her hand basket with the blue Gatorade and the cheap candy she splurged on. Y/n tapped her foot as she waited in the check out line. She silently prayed the wad of toilet paper she’d wrapped around her panties would absorb everything until she got back to the motel.
‘How did I let this happen?’ Y/n asked herself as she reached for her wallet. She knew how this happened. Y/n hunted with the Winchesters and that meant traveling light. And traveling light meant forgetting your tampons in Wyoming and b
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A Pivotal Moment Chap 14 (KilixReaderxLegolas)
Y/n stood in Bard’s kitchen with a blanket around her shoulders. Dwarves surrounded her on all sides. The company had crowded into Bard’s home which was not meant to hold more then ten people. His children were there and they were more than a little surprised to find their home filled with strangers. Bard had made fish stew and his eldest son passed out the bowls.
Y/n took her stew from the boy and thanked him. It wasn’t good…per say. But Y/n was so hungry it didn’t matter. The warmth of the food warmed her from the inside out. She glanced at Kili who stood in the corner talking with Fili and Balin. The conversation looked heated.
“Kili, we must leave her here,” Balin said. Trying to reason with a love struck dwarf was not an easy thing to do. “The path before us is far too dangerous for her.”
“I could-” Kili started but his brother interrupted him.
“No, don’t put her in the path of a dragon. Would you condem
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Guardian Angel (Winchester!Reader x Gabriel)
“Oh my god Dean, please pick up,” Y/n gasped. Blood seeped through her fingers as she desperately clutched the knife jutting out of her lower stomach. She propped herself up against the cement wall.
You’ve reached Agent Smith, leave your name, number, and a detailed description of your problem. Beep.
“Dean, where are you? I need your help; I really messed up this time. Call me back,” Y/n hung up the phone and let her head fall back. The decapitated bodies of two ghouls lay beside her. She hadn’t known there were two. Just as she separated the second one’s head from its neck, he stabbed her in the gut with a rusty knife.
Y/n looked down at the puddle of blood forming underneath her. Every fiber of her being wanted to pull the knife out, but that would only increase blood loss. She didn’t have very long as it was. Y/n thought briefly about crawling to her car and driving to the hospital. But that was a fever dream, there was
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A Pivotal Moment Chap 13 (KilixReaderxLegolas)
“Watch out!” Bufor said, pointing out over the water at the giant clusters of rock in front of them. Bard flicked his eyes to the sky and expertly steered the barge safely between them. Fog covered the lake and thin ice formed in patches on the surface of the water. The cold wind felt like knives against Y/n’s skin. The ends of her damp hair were encrusted in ice. Her stomach growled.
“What are you trying to do, drown us?” Thorin grunted. Y/n frowned at his tone.
“I was born and bred on these waters, Master Dwarf. If I wanted to drown you, I would not do it here,” Bard winked at Y/n, who smiled. He didn’t want her to worry.
Thorin began to retort but Balin placed a hand on his shoulder.
“We don’t have to like him we simply have to pay him,” Balin muttered. “Come on now, lads, empty your pockets.”
The dwarves grumbled and huffed as they took out their coin purses full of gold.
“Where are we going?”
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A Pivotal Moment Chap 12 (KilixReaderxLegolas)
The barrels washed up on a sandy shore, miles and miles away from Mirkwood. The dwarfs paddled to dry land and Y/n struggled to do the same. The tide was strong. Y/n dragged her barrel onto shore and looked around her. She was surrounded by soggy and unhappy dwarves. Bifur, Dori, and Oin flopped down on the sand; they relished the feeling of sturdy land under their dripping bodies. Ori sat and began dumping the water from his shoes. Y/n rung out her hair and shivered. Water glistened on her skin. She looked down at herself – what a mess. Her dress was stained and soaked and the heels of her shoes were sinking into the sand. Very impractical. In fact, her whole outfit was impractical: what if she needed to run? There was just no way, not in a dress that came down to her ankles. Y/n pursed her lips and tightened her grip on her sword. Only one thing to do.
Y/n carefully poked a hole in her dress with the tip of her sword, right at the knee. She began cutting away the bottom half of
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Crawl (Supernatural x Sister!Reader)
Y/n burst out of the earth, scattering clumps of dirt around her. She gasped at the fresh summer air as she raised her head to the evening sky. She spat dry clay out of her mouth. Four months in hell, an eternity. Y/n’s arms shook as she crawled out of her grave to lie on the surface of the mortal world. She took her first breaths, an action almost forgotten. Y/n lay in the ruins of a field, ravished by recent fire and left to tend itself. She had no marker - not even a stone. She felt her organs shift inside her and it was clear that wellness was something unpossessed.
Y/n stood. Gravity was harsh to her and her neck struggled to keep her head aloft. She was as naked as the day she was ripped from her mother. Y/n’s eyes were dull as if her soul itself was somewhere other. She took a step forward. Her feet dragged on the burnt grass. Dirt clung to her bare skin and turned her into a vision of ruin. Y/n knew where she was. Bobby had taken her here many times as a child. It w
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A Pivotal Moment Chap 11 (KilixReaderxLegolas)
A quiet commotion outside of Y/n’s cell drew her attention away from her tears. She sniffed and wiped her eyes. Her mouth fell open ever so slightly. The dwarves were letting themselves out of their cells; passing keys back and forth to each other. Bilbo was there. ‘Where had he been all this time?’ Y/n wondered. She stood up as Bilbo ran to her cell and unlocked the door.
“Oh thank God, Bilbo where have you been?” She said. The girl smiled down at the hobbit. Kili rushed to her side. He pulled her into a quick hug before saying, “Come on, let’s go.” The dwarf wrapped an arm protectively around her waist and led her away. All of the company had unlocked themselves from their cells and now followed Bilbo down into the depths of Thranduil’s palace. Y/n’s heart was beating in her ears and she smiled as she felt a rush of adrenaline course through her veins. They were escaping. She placed her hand on Kili’s and squeez
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A Pivotal Moment Chap 10 (KilixReaderxLegolas)
“Come with me,” Legolas said as he unlocked Y/n’s cell and held it open.
Y/n stood up from her bed. The prisoners had been served one meal since Kili and Y/n had their screaming match. Y/n reasoned it was midmorning.
“Is everything alright?” Y/n asked. She didn’t see any of the others being released.
“Yes, everything’s fine.” Legolas’ tone convinced her. “My father has requested your presence at breakfast.”
“I already had breakfast,” Y/n said as she stepped out to stand beside him. “One piece of bread and something that looked like oatmeal.”
He smiled down at her.
“Didn’t taste like oatmeal though,” She whispered as if it were a secret.
“What did it taste like?”
“Bad. Just tasted bad.”
The elf chuckled, “Hopefully this breakfast will be more to your liking.”
He began leading her past the many cells of dwarves. They all looked distinctly n
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A Pivotal Moment Chap 9 (KilixReaderxLegolas)
Legolas returned in the middle of the night. He walked past cell after cell of sleeping dwarves, until he got to Y/n. She was curled into ball on top of her bed. He tapped on the wall next to her cell. She sat up.
“Hello again,” He said.
Y/n had to blink a few times before she recognized Legolas in the dim torchlight. He was standing, as elegant as ever, holding something in his arms
“Hello,” Y/n stood and walked over to him. Her heart leapt when she heard his voice. She had worried he wouldn’t come back.
“I’ve brought you something,” Legolas stretched his arm through the bars and handed Y/n a blanket. It was soft and warm and scratchy. Y/n was instantly grateful.
“I know how cold it can get down here,” He continued.
“Thank you,” She said as she wrapped it around her shoulders.
“I have this as well,” He handed her a small loaf of bread. “In case… you’re hungry.”
“Thank you!
:icond0gss:d0gss 13 2
On Your Left (Steve Rodgers x Reader)
“I’m really glad we’re finally doing this,” Sam said as Y/n jogged beside him. He’d been asking her to be his running partner for over a month.
“Don’t get too excited, it’s a one time thing,” Y/n huffed. Their sneakers pounded the pavement simultaneously. “I only agreed so you would stop bugging me.”
“Who knows, you could get hooked.”
“I will not, I hate jogging.”
“No you don’t, you just hate waking up this early.”
Y/n laughed. The sun cast purple rays into the sky as it crawled out from the darkness of night. The national mall was deserted, which in Y/n’s mind, was the one and only perk of being up at the crack of dawn. Sweat gathered on her hairline and her legs burned comfortably.
“On your left.” A deep masculine voice said from behind the two friends. Y/n jumped slightly as she watched a fit man in a tight grey shirt pass them.
Sam groaned,
:icond0gss:d0gss 119 17
A Pivotal Moment Chap 8 (KilixReaderxLegolas)
Legolas walked down the many steps into the dungeon. He’d already made the trip from his chambers to the Infirmary on the request of a guard. Not only was the girl not there; apparently now he had to make the journey down to the prison. He was a little peeved to say the least.
The dwarves stared at the elven prince as the walked past their cells, his cloak flowing behind him.
“What is he doing here?” Dwalin growled in Khuzdul. His hostel attitude was mirrored by the other dwarves. Many strode to the edge of their cells to make their threatening stares more obvious.
Legolas ignored the animosity he was attracting and walked to Y/n’s cell with purpose.
Y/n was slowly drifting into a peaceful sleep when she heard a voice. Not only a voice, but a word; a word that she understood.
Y/n’s eyes shot open and she sat up. She turned her head to the man on the other side of the bars. She stood up with hesitation and walked towards him. Her eyes w
:icond0gss:d0gss 12 2
Mood Boost (Pietro x Empathic!Reader)
Y/n stared blankly into space as another wave of melancholy washed over her. Depression soaked into her bones and her head was filled with the dull buzz of negativity. Her breath was shallow and her expression, listless.
The library was deserted, letting Y/n fester in her sadness. She sat on her favorite couch with Charles next to her; his wheelchair parked by the armrest. They did not speak to each other, but instead let the silence hang over them like storm clouds. Y/n let her head sink into her hands. Her cup of tea, now cold, sat on a nearby table. She couldn’t muster the energy to pick up her limp wrist and grab it. The girl took a shaky breath. Her body felt like it was disintegrating. Life was no longer worth living.
“Pietro’s looking for you,” Charles murmured.
“Who cares?” Y/n replied. Her guts churned. She should care. The two of them were closer than conjoined twins, but Y/n couldn’t bring herself to break the spell of apathy that ha
:icond0gss:d0gss 77 7
A Pivotal Moment Chap 7 (KilixReaderxLegolas)
Y/n peeled one eye open, and then the other. A ceiling arched above her. She felt the hard surface of a wooden table beneath her. A dull pain radiated from her neck. She wiggled her fingers in an attempt to ground herself from the weightless sleep that had captured her.
Y/n sat up. The room she was in seemed to be carved out of the trees themselves. Roots snaked across the ceiling and vines climbed the walls. Pictures of birds and flowers were carved into the walls and painted with gold. To her left stood a table stacked with vials of colorful liquid and medical tools.
Her hand drifted to her neck. The rough texture of a linen bandage met her prying fingers. Her memories were blurred but the sound of hissing and scuttling replayed over and over in her mind.
The door opened and a tall man with long brown hair stepped in. His beauty was otherworldly; she’d never seen anything like him. His words floated on air and the language he spoke was in sharp contrast to the company’s.
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